I am a very lucky woman.

Some years ago, I met a sarcastic, mistrusting, terribly intelligent and witty man with the sexiest smirk and deep hazel-green eyes.  I thought he was interested in me but he never asked me out.

Years later, our paths crossed again. I was older, wiser and more confident; I made it brick-wall obvious that I was interested and hoped he was, too.

We engaged, married, housed, and child-ed. (The when, where, how and order of these things is not what’s important, here.  😉

But life was not easy sailing. My “smirker” was not easy-going or amenable to change, and I was impatient and angry.  We fought a lot.  There was much crying (me) and brooding (him).  We both loved each other and our son and wanted to be together, so it didn’t make sense to split up.  Instead, we stuck it out, compromised, and redefined our roles, expectations and perspectives.  (Yes, I married a man who did all that – compromised!!! – to stay married.  No, this is not a made-up fairytale.  Starting to see why I’m so lucky?)

Today, I can say with sincerity that I am married to the kindest, most thoughtful and generous of men.  (He’s still smart, funny and sexy, too!) Among other things, my Sweet Smirker is often surprising me with spa appointments just because he loves me.  At his behest, I get massages, facials, pedicures, new clothes, makeup….  (Again, this is for real, people!)

So, I think you’ll agree that I really am a very lucky woman.  After reading my blog, I think you’ll also agree that I really am … The Pampered Wife.