Beauty Counter Lip Gloss

Beauty Counter Lip Gloss


I just placed an order for my favorite shade of Beauty Counter Lip Gloss and thought, “Hey, I should write a review on this!” I hear about lip glosses from other brands like Fitlow Beauty, Han Skincare, and Clove and Hallow, all the time, but nothing about Beauty Counter’s. Why is that? I’ve used several other brands, and I love this one. So let’s show it a little love, shall we?

The Brand

You probably know about Beauty Counter by now. It’s a clean skincare/makeup/bath & body brand that is leading the fight to legislate for safe, nontoxic ingredients in all such products. I posted about the company in my review of its cream highlighter here if you want to know more. In that post, I left out how Beauty Counter is sold by consultants in a pyramid style. Apparently, the consultants are better paid than by similar companies.

Many consumers criticize Beauty Counter because of its commission sales structure. People allege that prices are inflated as a result, but I don’t have a problem with it. First, I don’t find its products to be more expensive than most other clean beauty brands’, especially for the quality. Second, I’m happy to know that my friend, who’s my consultant, earns a little extra money from something I would purchase anyway.

Actually, there is an instance where I take issue with the high commissions earned by consultants. It’s when I see a previously unbiased beauty blogger go from sharing honest reviews to gushing over every Beauty Counter product she can fit into a blog/vlog/video. Now that she’s a consultant, every product is a “must-have” and “best-ever”. In the past, she reviewed Beauty Counter products and loved some and didn’t love others. Now she only loves them. The change of opinion is stark and obvious.

What’s that? No, I’m not talking about any particular green beauty blogger. Except that, yes, I am. I’m not saying who it is, though. She’s just a female, green lifestyle blogger whose advocacy for Beauty Counter products has blatantly changed since she became a consultant. It’s a shame because now I feel like can’t trust her reviews on these or the competitors’ products.

Anyway, back to Beauty Counter’s Lip Gloss and what I, a non-consultant, think of it. . . .

The Lip Gloss

I got my first Beauty Counter Lip Gloss as part of the Flawless in Five, a package that includes foundation, concealer, blush, eyebrow pencil or gel, mascara (volumizing or lenghthening), and lip gloss. It’s a great value at $150 and a great way to introduce yourself to Beauty Counter! Mine came with the color Dahlia. This morning I purchased my 3rd tube of that color, among other things.

I currently own 4 shades of lip gloss by Beauty Counter, pictured at the top of this post –

  • Crystal – a clear that adds shine to any color or beautifully amplifies your own lip color (This was a limited edition item)
  • Dahlia – a cool pink that’s a perfectly natural, “my lips, only better” color
  • Bare Shimmer – a neutral pink with golden shimmer and the perfect “quiet” color
  • Azalea – a bright pink that’s perfect for spring or to add a little pop and youthfulness to my face

In describing these shades, I notice I used the word “perfect” quite a bit. Like, every time I described a shade. Well, for me, it’s true. Beauty Counter nailed it with their lip gloss colors. They are shiny with the perfect balance of pigment and sheerness. I love the colors and rarely apply them over lipsticks because I don’t want to “ruin” the beautiful pigment they give on their own. But I can if I want to.

Beauty Counter Lip Gloss applicator

Applying the gloss is lovely. Did you know it smells like vanilla? Mmmmmmm. The applicator is like a doe foot but Beauty Counter calls it a tear drop. When I want less pigment, I put a little bit of gloss on my lip using the applicator and then spread it around with my finger to sheer it out.

Wearing the lip gloss feels like… wearing lip gloss. It isn’t really sticky, but it does feel like your lips are coated in something. I appreciate that because then I know I have some color on and can tell when I need to reapply. Also, it leaves my lips feeling moisturized, which makes sense because the second ingredient is castor oil. According to, quoting Dr. Heather Rogers,

“’Castor oil works to prevent water loss through the skin, which promotes the healing process.’ In addition, ‘It has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in healing [and] antifungal properties [that] inhibit the growth of yeast ….'”

Thanks, Beauty Counter, for giving us the benefits of castor oil in our makeup!

Does it Last?

Have I ever shared with you how my mother was a big proponent of makeup? On me, in particular? Regarding color on my lips, or lack thereof, my mother would tell me (lovingly, of course), “Honey, put some lipstick on so you don’t look like you’re dead.” (That’s a direct quote.)

With that in mind, I wear something on my lips just about every moment that I’m awake, even if it’s just clear. Out of those moments, I am wearing a Beauty Counter Lip Gloss about half that time. Sometimes, I wear a full-blown lipstick; sometimes I wear lip balm; and sometimes I wear another brand of lip gloss. But given all the other options, I would say I wear these a lot. I definitely have one in my purse at all times. Even if I start the day wearing something else, I always end up with one of these glosses on, or vice versa.

On that note, these last a really long time! For example, I went to see Captain Marvel last night. (It’s so good! You should totally see it. I went to a theatre with the comfy leather recliners where you reserve your seat ahead of time and eat a meal during the movie. CineBistro in Vail, if you’re curious.)

Anyway, I applied a Beauty Counter lip gloss before leaving for the theatre, sat through the movie while eating dinner and popcorn (no judging! Besides, I got it without butter 😉 ), and made it home without ever reapplying. No joke. Even with eating, drinking, and the passage of several hours, my lip gloss was still on my lips. Granted, some of the shine was gone and the color was a bit faded, but you could still see it. A small miracle for a lip gloss.

When I don’t eat, the color and shine stay put for hours. Really. I would expect that from a lipstick, but a lip gloss? Fantastic.

Isn’t it Obvious?

This is the part of the review where I say if I would repurchase or recommend a product. Do I even need to say? Yes, not only would I recommend and repurchase Beauty Counter Lip Gloss, I have done both.

I simply love the peace of mind I have in using Beauty Counter’s safe and clean products, especially on my lips. In addition, the colors are perfection and wear incredibly well. The lip gloss feels moisturizing and nice on my lips, whether worn alone or on top of lipstick. If there is any negative about this product, it could be the price. However, I find the price to be justified given the quality of the lip gloss.

Now I sit and patiently await my re-order of Dahlia to arrive in the mail. Don’t mind me cursing myself for not springing for the Mini Lip Gloss Vault. It’s only $89 and includes 10 fantastic shades. But if I got that, I would never use another product, and I made a pact with myself to try new things this year. I’m not going to stick with the tried-and-true, which this lip gloss certainly is.

Please let me know what you think of Beauty Counter Lip Gloss, especially if you aren’t a consultant. 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog, as always.

~The Pampered Wife

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